Our Alumni Assocation does a few events throug out the year

Homecoming: A great time to come back to Tennessee Tech. Participate in the campus activites, See the homecoming parade, Attend our Alumni Associaotn meeting and have a great lunch with other TKE alumni (FREE).

Lloyd Copland Memorial Golf Tournament: Hosted ever year by the Alumni Association in Cookeville TN on the 3rd weekend in July. All proceeds go towards a schorlship fund for the undergrade members to help pay for their semester fraternity dues.

Poker Tournament: Hosted every year byt he Alumni Assocation in min February at the TKE house. All Proceeds go towards a housing project for the undergradeate chaper.

Family Picnic: Hosted in Mid-Late May. A great time to come out and enjoy the company of other allumni and their familes. This is a alachol free event, usually hosted in Nashville. Lunch is available for a minimal fee.

Regional Outings: Hosted through out the year in Nashville or Knoxville. Times and location vary. More information can be found here or on our facebook page as for dates and times for these great events. Come out , have dinner and meet local alumni.

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