2016 Mu Omicron Alumni Association Officers

Elections are held every year at Homecoming during the annual Alumni Association business meeting.


President - James Petty

Scroll: MO 714

Pledge Class: Fall 2007

City: Chattanooga TN

Job Duties

  • Oversees all operations and leads the Alumni Association.
  •  Ensure that the needs of the members of the Alumni Association are being met. 
  •  Ultimately responsible for meeting Alumni Association mission. 
  •  Make certain that officers are meeting their objectives. 
  • Preside over meetings. 
  •  Appoint committees as needed. 
  •  Appoint officers upon mid-term vacancies. 
  •  Serve as liaison between Offices of the Grand Chapter and Alumni Association providing updates, news, and pictures (for use in TKE publications).


James Petty pledged TKE in the Fall of 2007 and was inducted that same semester. He majored in Computer Science and graded at May 2012While he was a undergradate he served as

Crysophylos and Epiprytanis. As an graduate James has served as the President of the MOAA since May 2012 and servers as the Treasurer for the MO Board of Adviders.

Vice President - Patrick O'Hara

Scroll: MO 698

Pledge Class: Fall 2005

City: Nashville, TN

Job Duties

  • Assists the President as needed and oversee all committees.
  •  Assume role of President in the case of absence. 
  • Ensure that all committees meet their objectives. 
  •  Coordinate all programs and events.


Secretary - Jared Durrett

Scroll: MO

Pledge Class: Fall


Job Duties

  • Coordinates all membership matters.
  • Maintain accurate membership listing. 
  • Ensure changes in membership contact information are communicated to the Offices of the Grand Chapter. 
  • Take minutes at all Alumni Association meetings. 
  • Produce at least four newsletters to be distributed to all Alumni Association members and the OGC annually.


Treasurer - Clint Camp

Scroll: MO

Pledge Class: Fall

City: Nashville, TN

Job Duties

  • Oversees all financial matters. 
  • Develop and maintain Alumni Association operating budget. 
  • Assess and collect all membership dues. 
  • Ensure prompt payment of Alumni Association renewal fee. 
  • Coordinate any capital campaign projects.


Clint Camp pledged TKE in the Fall of 1999, before being inducted in the Spring semester of 2000. A native of Nashville, he studied Civil Engineering and Business, before graduating with a BS in Civil Engineering in 2004. As an undergraduate, he was a member of the Order of Omega, and Mortarboard, along with Kappa Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon and Alpha Kappa Psi. As an undergraduate he served as Pylortes and Crysophylos, as well as attending the TKE Leadership Academy XVI. As a graduate, he serves as the Treasurer for the TKE MO AA.
Clint and his family live in Nashville, where he works in project management. He has a wife Janey (TTU ’02 and ’04) and daughter Eliza and son Samuel.

Member at Large - Tyler Shirley

Scroll: MO 724

Pledge Class: Fall 2008

City: Cookeville, TN

Job Duties


Member at Large - Tyler Whorton

Scroll: MO 638

Pledge Class:

City: Sparta, TN

Job Duties

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