Alpha Nu Delta was originally known as Sherman’s Raiders, formed in the summer of 1963. In the summer of 1965 two members of Sherman’s Raiders, Richard Aquilini and Frank Schinn, began to consider converting the organization into a fraternity. At the meeting of Sherman’s Raiders on October 15, 1965 the group was reorganized as Alpha Nu Delta fraternity.

On October 16, 1967 Richard Aquilini made the motion for Alpha Nu Delta to seek affiliation with Tau Kappa Epsilon and the motion passed by a vote of 29-3. On December 7, 1967 Alpha Nu Delta petitioned for affiliation with Tau Kappa Epsilon was approved by Tennessee Tech. On receipt of this petition a telephone vote was taken by the Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon, and on December 11, 1967 Alpha Nu Delta was accepted as an official affiliate of Tau Kappa Epsilon and was know as Alpha Nu Delta Affiliate of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.  

On May 17, 1969 a telephone vote was taken again by the Grand Council of Tau Kappa Epsilon and a telegram was delivered to Alpha Nu Delta that said "Welcome to the Men of Alpha Nu Delta as an Official Affilate of Tau Kappa Epsilon."

The colors of Alpha Nu Delta are Blue and Gold.
Blue is the color of courage
Gold is the color of the rule by which our lives in the fraternity should be guided.

The flower of Alpha Nu Delta is the Wedgewood Dutch Iris with six petals of blue and gold. It blooms in the spring, the season in which the initial preparation was made to transform Sherman’s Raiders into Alpha Nu Delta, the season in which Alpha Nu Delta was granted recognition by Tennessee Tech University and the season in which we were charted as Mu Omicron chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon

Founding Fathers:
                Richard Aquilini
                Frank Schinn

Founding Members:
               Robert Babilino
               Harold Birch
               William Carvell
               Thomas Colorado
               Robert Cummings
               William Devereux
               Frank Kolski
               James Kornicki
               Bernie Mertaugh
               Theodore Passon
               Joseph Schlick
               Edward Schultz
               John Wichelman
               John Wismer

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